Meet Dr. Lee Outlaw, Editor in Chief

Dr. Lee Outlaw is the former religious editor for the Davie, FL Times (a Miami Herald Newspaper) and a former freelance news script writer for  South Florida television stations. Most recently he has written for the in the area of Politics, Christianity and Counseling. He is a regular contributor to the Church and Theological Blog at One Outlaws Opinion on BlogSpot, Drtruthman Counseling and Opinion blog for WordPress and A variety of topic articles on HubPages. He is the owner of Dr Lee Outlaw's Writer's Page on FaceBook and Google + and the author of 5 previously published books and currently working on 3 others. His current projects include his soon to be republished work, "Church Tales". His past writing also includes contributions to several Theological and Counseling journals. He was featured following Hurricane Andrew on ABC's Niteline and This Week with David Brinkley as well as appearing on the TBN Television Network.

Dr. Outlaw is a licensed and ordained, Southern Baptist Pastor and holds degrees from Palm Beach Atlantic University (BA), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div) and Hamilton University (PhD). He also attended Miami Christian University, Luther Rice Seminary and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dr. Outlaw also holds several counseling and psychology certifications including Crisis intervention and suicide prevention as well as Addiction Counseling. He has pastored churches in FL and TX for over 20 years. He currently resides in Corpus Christi, Texas, utilizing his experience and knowledge as pastor, counselor/psychologist and insurance adjuster to enhance his writing.

Dr. Outlaw is available for speaking engagements, pulpit supply and anger management seminars.









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