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The GOP Trump/Carson dilemma

Although Dr. Ben Carson leads the Iowa polls and tied or close behind in many national polls, a new poll shows the overall GOP leader, Donald Trump is the most probable nominee and most electable of any of the GOP candidates.

The greatest controversy among GOP leaders is Carson's likability yet without what many believe as the ability to win against a Democratic Party candidate.

Dr. Carson draws large crowds, is the predominate loved conservative among Christians with many similar positions to that of Donald Trump but with a personality less obtrusive,'

The neurosurgeon is most definitely one of the most intelligent candidates in the GOP lineup but also one the most low key speakers, which is one of the major criticisms among the GOP elite.

The soft spoken Carson is slow to speak and respond in debates but when he does speak to the crowds they cheer in agreement.

Carson is extremely vocal about his faith even to the point of great criticism by many concerning his views on Islam, illegal immigration, gay rights and the end times for which his Seventh Day Adventist denomination is known.

Of course Donald Trump is also vocal on islam, illegal immigration and other controversies but unlike Carson, Trump is loud and often boisterous even to the extent of boasting and near arrogance; which Trump sees simply as strong confidence (as do many of his followers).

According to an Associated Press-GfK poll that highlights the sharp contrast between the party's voters and its top professionals regarding the billionaire businessman's ultimate political strength, seven out of ten voters prefer Donald Trump as the Republican Party nominee.

The same poll shows six out of ten voters prefer Dr. Ben Carson. The problem here is that other similar polls show Dr. Carson as completely unelectable against any Democratic candidate.

The media also is definitiely playing a role in their attempt to once again determine who the GOP nominee will be. Donald Trump continues to be maligned by the media as has Dr. Ben Carson.

As a result, a major dilemma has developed within the GOP as to which canidate the GOP should begin placing their financial support.

Dr. Ben Carson although gaining more financial support as his numbers rise in the polls, has very little money but appears unelectable and Donald Trump doesn't need any money and in fact doesn't want any.

Jeb Bush who had been the presumed nominee raised millions of dollars but has dropped to below four percent in some polls and is even being encouraged by some to drop out.

The only other canditate even close is Marco Rubio who has risen in some polls to nine percent but once again is not seen as actually electable.

So the Republican Party elite ponders the question as to which candidate they should support while examining an even greater issue of whether they are actually still in control of their own party.

The second issue appears an easier question to answer; no the Republican Party elite no longer control the party and that is a wonderful situation.

God bless America

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