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Stand Firm


by Dr. Lee Outlaw

Nobody ever likes to hear another person arm chair quarterback; especially if they've never played the game or the quarterback hasn't even gone into the game.

There's far too much of that in football and lately in politics as well. Every political pundit out there is giving their two cents worth as to what President Elect Trump should do in his first hundred days.

Even though he has announced his plan, the political arm chair quarterbacks are hard at work trying to tell him what he should or shouldn't do and he hasn't even gone in the game and gotten behind the center.

One thing for certain, this soon to be President has had an impressive warm up, great passes, getting all the receivers right on target and most impressive is how he stands in the pocket protected without being sacked. Hats off to the new President for choosing such an impressive front line.

It's also been impressive to see this new president scramble. Each of his cabinet choices marched right in front of the press almost daily since the election with every media reporter hoping to sack him and force a sack or a fumble but try as they might they haven't been able to catch him and he isn't even in the game yet.

This new president will do just fine, he will make many touch downs and win a majority of the games with the potential of going all the way and winning the Presidential Super Bowl being called one of the great presidents of all times.

He might not have a perfect Don Shula, Miami Dolphin 1972 season but he will win and win big. Like Coach Don Shula, President Elect Trump has the "Winning Edge" and he knows "The Art of the Deal".

As such, this arm chair quarter back can only say, Stand Firm and keep on doing what you're already doing.

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