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by Lyd

Love is.... Everywhere


Love is in the air

Breathing smiles



Love is in the sky


Mightier than high


Love is in your baby’s eyes

While you're singing



Wading in the blue lagoon

As you watch horses trotting

To the Moon


Love is in the ground

Making dust of frowns


Love is in the heart

A heart so sweet and tart


Love is inside yourself

Resides to give others

That one Delight


For love is in a touch

Of hope,

When all seems lost


Reach inside your soul,

See how yours belongs

To everyone,

Including me


No One… There Seems to Be



A Path

Dividing woods,

I trudge along


In the still distance


Of Robin song


Scattering leaves

by whispery air,

Some pinning in my hair


I turn


Someone there


No one

There seems to be

In this place so filled;

And yet so bare

Of anything to summon me



Makes me


Of life’s enormity


And throbbing rush

Does enter me

As I pause,

To feel

The crushed twigs

Beneath my feet


Looking up


The open blue


I catch a glimpse,

A hue

Of twilight

Winking down at me


As if saying,

It’s okay to feel so free.


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