Tim Tebow makes Philadelphia cheer

August 20, 2015

Tim Tebow returns to the NFL 



Tim Tebow makes Philadelphia cheer


In typical Tim Tebow style, the do everything quarterback made his debut return to the NFL in  the pre-season opener against the Indianapolis Colts.


In the midst of a  standing ovation and a roaring Philadelphia Eagles' crowd yelling "Tebow, Tebow"  number eleven marched the Eagles easily down the field for a late third quarter touchdown.


Tim gained an additional round of cheer with the Eagles crowd standing to their feet late in the fourth quarter. After a turnover gave the Eagles the ball in Colts territory, Tebow ran around right end and dove over Colts safety Winston Guy for a 7-yard touchdown.


All in all this was typical Tim Tebow expressing himself as the committed Christian he is, using terms like, "I was thankful, but I was also like, 'They [the Eagles offensive players] won't be able to hear me! We'll have to go [to a] silent [count].' It's very humbling. It definitely means a lot."


Laughing most of the time, Tim said after the game, "It was fun, seeing the end zone and fighting to get in -- I've been blessed to have a few opportunities in my life."


Tim Tebow enjoys the game and plays for fun; this is quite evident to be sure. But Tebow is also serious about the game utilizing his talent to do everything he can and must do, to win the game.


Prior to his third and fourth quarter victories, Tebow had mixed success. He led the Eagles to two field goals, including one at the end of his first possession. But Tebow was also sacked twice on third down to end a couple of fourth-quarter possessions.


Over all it wasn’t a bad debut for Tebow’s return. He completed six of 12 passes for 69 yards. He carried the ball four times for 15 yards and a touchdown.


We wish Tim the best for the pre-season and God willing the entire 2015  NFL season.


© 2015 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III



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