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A testimony to Christ in first GOP debate

Like previous elections, it’s no surprise that Christians are firmly entrenched in the current campaign process.

What is surprising is that the Christian message and presence would be so explicitly expressed.

An even greater surprise is that such a presence would enter the campaign process so early.

Nonetheless, the first GOP FOX/Facebook debate vividly displayed several candidates expressing not only their belief in God but their profession of faith in Jesus Christ.

In previous presidential campaigns, there has always been much discussion about God but this campaign has upped the proverbial ante on more specifics concerning the candidate’s religious belief.

Much of the concern by many within the Christian community is of a two-fold nature:

First of all is the genuineness and sincerity of the candidate’s belief; this comes on the heels of a sitting president who has appeared to be as knowledgeable and attached to the Islamic faith if not more so than the Christian faith which he claims both devotion and commitment as a Christian.

The second concern is the continuing controversy over abortion; especially late term abortions. The controversy over abortion has recently been raised to new heights as the result of the allegations over Planned Parenthood harvesting the organs of these partially born babies and then selling them to the highest bidder for research.

Most Christians, especially evangelical and Catholic Christians have always been anti-abortion and pro-life but this latest allegation against Planned Parenthood has encouraged the Christian community to insist that the next President is a strong Pro-life Christian; not just in belief and principle but in practice as well.

In the first GOP debate, a Facebook question was asked by Fox moderator Megan Kelly of Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, Governors Scott Walker and John Kasich as to whether any of them had received a message from God.

Cruz and Walker (both who are evangelical Baptists) wasted no time to explicitly express their profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Governor Kasich stood strong expressing his determination to strive all ways to do right by his fellow man.

Actual question from Facebook follower via Megan Kelly : "I want to know if any of [the candidates] have received a word from God on what they should do and take care of first".

Ted Cruz: "I have been blessed to read the word of God. If we want to win in 2016 we need a true conservative". (He also referred to his father being a pastor, being a Baptist and his relationship to Christ).

John Kasich: "I do believe in miracles. My campaigns are a movement to restore common sense. God wants America to be strong".

Scott Walker: "It's all about the blood of Jesus Christ. What God calls us to do is to follow His will". (He also mentioned being a Baptist).

Marco Rubio: "God has blessed the Republican Party with some good candidates. Democrats hasn't been given one".

Remarkable testimonies to God by most everyone; if not specifically, at least implied.

Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Mike Huckabee and Dr. Ben Carson were also very strong in their additional answers to questions on abortion implying at the very least a strong belief in God.

Cruz, Walker, Rubio, Huckabee, and Carson have made no secret of their strong faith and it is their commitment to their faith which re-enforces their stance on anti-abortion and Pro-life.

The evidence of a candidate’s commitment to God appears more important to Christians than at any time in recent American history and it is that commitment which could either unite or divide the Republican Party.

The importance of a commitment to God and Pro-life by a Republican candidate could mean the difference between winning or losing any number of the upcoming 2016 primary elections and caucuses.

The bottom line is there has been and continues to be great personal testimony to God by the majority of the GOP presidential candidates.

In light of what many of us believe has been a long, dry un-Godly period of American history, committed Christians and believers in God, welcome this personal testimony to God as a much needed refreshing experience.

May God bless all of our presidential candidates and may God bless the United States of America.

© 2015 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

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