Change in 2nd GOP Debate

The next GOP debate scheduled for September 16, promises to bring some interesting changes.

The next GOP debate scheduled for September 16, promises to bring some interesting changes.

The most obvious change is the move to CNN, not to down play the importance of CNN as the granddaddy of cable news but due to a drastic decrease in ratings, CNN can use a boost.

Having a more liberal spin on news than FOX, there’s every indication the moderators will play hard ball with the GOP candidates; especially Donald Trump. What FOX did not do to Trump, no doubt CNN hopes it can accomplish.

Another noticeable change is the addition of Carly Fiorina to the top tier prime time debate bringing the top tier count to eleven candidates instead of ten as in the first FOX debate.

As a result of Fiorina’s move up and Rick Perry’s dropping out, the bottom tier or “children’s Table” (as some have called) is now reduced to four.

Some political pundits have referred to this reduction in the bottom teir as the "final four" suggesting that these candidates could be completely eliminated by this debate getting a 0% to a maximum of 1% of the Republican polling.

Most of the bottom teir of candidates never had a chance going in by most pundits opinions and as such have no reason to continue.

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