Wow, they were all good

The second GOP now history and a sense of pride and hope for our country that hasn’t been felt by many in a long time seem to be breaking through a political cloud of gray.

This writer might certainly not agree with everything every candidate said but there was a definite sense of sincerity and passion from each candidate. It was obvious that all of them truly love America; I wanted to vote for them all.

The best slate of GOP (mostly conservative) all stars in decades, they would all be a welcome addition to any Republican Presidential ticket or cabinet; and many said as much in their post-debate interviews. If our country can only survive the remaining sixteen months of the current dissastorus administration, there appears to be potential for bright days ahead.

There was however, a bit of a negative note in facts and knowledge by the candidates.

Of all the candidates, only Senator Rand Paul seemed somewhat knowledgable concerning Cannabis use while the others either played dumb on the subject or demonstrated the traditional stand and complete ignorance concerning Cannabis.

There was also grand standing, exaggeration and complete distortion by several of the candidates with regard to facts about each other, their positions, voting records, previous jobs and the Planned Parenthood videos.

Over all the debate was at best somewhat entertaining and at worst anything but an actual debate.

Of course it was a gathering of eleven politicians and as the saying goes, politicians will do anything to get elected; even the three non-politicians are beginning to look and sound more like traditional politicians.

Politicians, not with standing, if our country can only survive the remaining sixteen months of the current dissastorus administration, there just might be potential for bright days ahead for the United States of America.

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