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Liberal media circles protective wagons

Although much of the media agrees that Hillary Clinton should probably drop out of the Presidential race, they still seem eager to rally behind probably the most corrupt and dishonest American politician in this century.

In other words, the media seems to agree whether main stream or alternative that another Clinton presidency will be good for ratings even if it's horrible for the country.

But even with such an agreement that Hillary should probably drop out; the liberal main stream media seems more than happy to circle their proverbial wagons to protect the former Secretary of State and First Lady.

The main stream media seem more than ready at almost any time to draw heat off of Hillary and re-route it to another target such as emails, staff or as more recently the new Benghazi hearing.

Even with volumes of evidence pointing to a lackadaisical participation in the rescue of the Benghazi hostages as best and the potential of serious criminal charges which could be administered, the press appears to draws attention away from Hillary and places the emphasis of negligence on Representative Trey Gowdy

for keeping the 4.5 million dollar hearings going.

Following the hearings this past Thursday, the main stream media emphasized the new hearing had actually nothing to discover and that Chairman, Trey Gowdy admitted as much.

Some in alternative conservative media have often labeled the Clintons as having an apparent Teflon like coating over any political or personal controversy they encounter; much associated with a kind of "free pass".

Of course the media has always had their favorites whether good or bad, Unfortunately for Republicans, it has been mostly bad. Richard Nixon was known for Watergate but long before that in Vice Presidential days he had been known as '"tricky Dick" for his ability to evade the medi., Ronald Reagan as a former actor could charm the press, but as his apparent Alzheimer’s set in in the latter half of his second term, he was often made fun of for his forgetfulness. Then there was Dan Quale and his spelling potato in old English style with the e; the press was so aloof to their lack of knowledge that they actually didn't know the joke was on them. Of course the press loved George W. Bush for his cowboy grin, Texas draw and inability to say the word nuclear to their satisfaction.

All of these things stuck because the leaders were Republicans and most journalism schools have taught or at least inferred that Democrats are good and Republicans are bad.

In like manner, the mostly liberal mainstream media chooses to circle their wagons and apply their Teflon protection around Hillary Clinton overlooking serious irresponsibility and potentially criminal misconduct by the presumed Democratic Party nomination.

Those of the Democratic Party should insist on better from their party and for the nation. The Democratic party is responsible for placing without a doubt probably the worst two presidents in Carter and Obama in the history of this nation and should take responsibility for their actions.

The Republican Party must counter with more action and less rhetoric which is exactly what Donald Trump (despite the media disdain) seems to be attempting.

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