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Double speak gains house control

As an update to our original article, Wisconsin Representative and former Republican Vice Presidential running mate to Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan was elected the 54th Speaker of the House of Representatives, on Wednesday, October 28, 2015.

It's been nearly four years since Congressman Paul Ryan dazzled the Republican National Convention with both facts and economic figures which appeared the making of a fantastic and competitive Republican Presidential ticket as the running mate to Mitt Romney.

Even the anti-Romney people heralded this Wisconscin Representative as the near-conservative darling of the Republican Party's future.

Until recent there were even some who believed this Wisonscin favorite might even be a shoe in for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination but as time went on and every possible political hat was thrown into the ring, Ryan was nowhere to be found; many found that strange and even surprising.

Then former Speake John Boehner resigned, literally turning the United States House of Representatives upside down leaving a vacancy initially thought to be automatically filled by Kevin McCarthy who ended up withdrawing his name, followed by Daniel Webster who seem to be the next most likely choice but simply didn't have the votes.

Now there is Ryan; seemingly out of nowhere and still not actually announced but has apparently already hired a staff for the Speaker of the House position.

Some say, Ryan has been playing a game all along; actually working with Boehner. Certainly Ryan is known to most conservative members of congress as a champion at the proverbial political "double speak". Those who know him say he can get things done, work both sides of the isle and all the "same old, same old" which most citizens refuse to accept as the only way to get things done.

Even the Freedom Caucus which tends toward a more conservative aggenda is reported as endorsing Ryan for Speaker of the House.

Congress simply doesn't get it. Americans don't just want different, they want genuine conservative change with a return to solid foundational American values.

Write, email, text or call your Representative and tell them you don't want Paul Ryan for Speaker. If Ryan is elected it will be as if John Boehner never left.

Ryan might be a good man, a solid citizen and even a good Wisconsin Representative but he will make a terrible Speaker of the House.

America doesn't need another speaker who want's to "just get along".

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