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South Texas receives repeated flooding

It might not be the worst flooding ever, but certainly the repeated flooding over the past two weeks has produced some of the most disastrous conditions the Rio Grande Valley has seen since that which resulted from Hurricane Dolly in 2008.

From Raymondville in Willacy County to Brownsville in Cameron County and everywhere in between, Deep South Texas has been pounded with rain and flash flooding over the last two weeks accumulating amounts officially of up to six inches in some areas.

Unofficially, as some of our photos indicate, the accumulations are obviously much greater.

​Farms in Willacy County have been turned into fields of small lakes instead of fields of crops and the resulting damage to crops could be financially destructive for many farmers.

The further South into Harlingen, San Benito and Brownsville, streets, parking lots and neighborhoods were turned into lakes and rivers destroying cars, houses and mobile homes.

Even the National Weather Service at Brownsville was not spared as its Doppler radar was struck by lightning during a passing thunder storm on Saturday afternoon.

As Monday morning closes in, hundreds of individuals and families suddenly find themselves without homes unusable from the flood water while others who attempted to drive through the raging flood waters now find themselves without transportation to start the new work and school week.

The week ahead promises to be difficult although most insurance companies will no doubt be sending adjusters into the area to assist those with coverage to obtain repairs as soon as possible.

Those without insurance will have to rely on the hope that Governor Abbott will assess the areas affected and declare them a disaster area for the possibility of receiving Federal assistance from FEMA.

Let's pray for all our neighbors in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

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