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Hillary Dead or Alive, Dems prep for change

WABC Reports Hillary Clinton Declared Dead

With rumors abounding all over the internet of both Hillary Clinton’s possible death, seizure, stroke or coma; one thing is certain, Candidate Clinton is in all probability very ill and the Democratic party is in a quandary as to their next step.

This has led to even further speculation based on numerous comparison photos, that her double, doppelganger, look alike, etc. has been activated by the hierarchy of the Democratic Party in an attempt to ease the fears of her already skeptical supporters as they rally to develop a strategy and possible solution.

Rumors of Secretary Clinton’s ill health have been circulated though out the media for several years; much of which was originally thought to be cover for both her Benghazi and email server problems. Many political pundits believe these initial rumors helped to develop sympathy from her supporter base while giving significant reason for Congressional Investigation Committees to be more compassionate and understanding of her inability to honor every committee hearing request.

As former First Lady and Secretary of State Clinton became more and more Presidential Candidate Clinton, it became obvious to the media that there was something more than slightly wrong with Mrs. Clinton’s health; from a lack of an acceptable explanation for her fall at home which caused a concussion and subsequent blood clot on the brain, near falls & fainting spells to the relentless coughing, hoarseness, tremors, stumbling and even the need to help get up stairs and her aids attempting to keep her stable as she walks and speaks.

She has been officially diagnosed with three blood clots, a concussion, deep vein thrombosis and as of 9/11 this year, we are officially informed by her campaign that she has pneumonia and hypothyroidism.

In short, Hillary is very sick and the question to both her party and the country as a whole is, “Will Presidential Candidate Clinton be well enough to lead the country?”

America is at her most strategic point in history and electing a candidate just so America can say she has elected a woman for president is simply not acceptable.

The Democratic Party hierarchy including President Obama is urging calm among Democratic supporters and denouncing rumors of Hillary Clinton’s death, or other serious health problems. Behind the scenes however, many of the Democratic establishment are rumored to be searching for a quick solution to what many political pundits are beginning to see as the nightmare of all October surprises, the disintegration of the Hilary Clinton presidential campaign.

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