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It's all about them

The First Trump/Clinton Presidential Debate

Not since the Reagan/Carter campaigns, has there been a presidential debate solely about the actual candidates. The media along with the respective political parties would have the American people consider otherwise but in reality it is all about Hillary Clinton and Donald trump.

The first Clinton/Trump debate will definitely be more of a show rather than a discussion of real issues.

The Donald now running neck and neck with Hillary, even in the Electoral College (according to some) will no doubt demonstrate both his skill to use the camera and utilize sound bit conversation to his advantage while showing his knowledge of his opponent’s vulnerability.

Hillary on the other hand will initially have to be well enough just to show up and then attempt to keep her coughing and hoarseness under control just to stay in the debate. She will also need to be able to control the camera as well as the Donald.

Both candidates will need to maintain a sense of civility while appearing to be presidential.

In short, this first debate might be less about America's Direction, Achieving Prosperity, and Securing America as the pre-debate promotions have emphasized and more specifically about the candidate’s actual personalities, characters, experience, ethics, morality and family.

Although both campaigns have indicated a desire to remain civil and on topic, the very nature of both candidates suggest this debate could very well end up a verbal street brawl between a New York Billionaire Business Mogul and a former New York Senator with a less than favorable reputation.

It could very well come down to the former WWE Hall of Fame Inductee and star of The Apprentice coming out “Ready to Rumble” and ultimately telling Hillary, “You’re Fired”.

All in all, it promises to be an interesting night, all about them.

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