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No more debates

Last night’s Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was nothing more than boorish entertainment at worst and a senseless and worthless display of rhetoric at best.

In reality the public saw and heard nothing it hadn’t seen before from both of the candidates; the possible exception being Hillary Clinton displaying what was obviously a false, almost sickening smile with hideous laughter and sighs throughout the debate.

The Donald on the other hand, was for the most part restrained while appearing at times to almost be literally biting his lips as Hillary came at him with half-truths and distortions from her political commercials.

Lester Holt, the moderator and anchor of NBC Nightly News, was obviously less than “fair and balanced” and seemed to get every possible dig into Donald Trump as opportunity afforded. As one pundit put it in a post-debate analysis, “Lester seemed at times to be a third debater”.

The bottom line is the debate was absolutely useless.

Both campaigns are claiming victory and the pro-Hillary media continues to circle the protective wagons around her in almost orgasmic fashion hoping to usher in the first woman President. For those of us in the alternative media it is absolutely sickening.

Except for the far left of the Democratic Party wanting to actually see if their “old sow” of a candidate with her dead unworkable ideology and corrupt ethics and morality was actually alive, there was simply no need for this otherwise lesson in futility.

America already knows where it wants to go and the latest polls are indicative of such. America does indeed want to be great again. Even if voters don’t like Donald Trump, they simply don’t want another politician; especially one as corrupt and inherently evil as Hillary Clinton.

Rudy Giuliani (former Mayor of New York City and adviser to Trump) is correct in saying, "If I were Donald Trump I wouldn't participate in another debate…”.

There is no need for Donald Trump to stand up there and be lambasted by a desperate, career politician who is simply trying to keep the fringe elements of the Democratic Party in her camp.

Unlike Trump, Hillary is not showing up at her campaign rallies due to health reasons and even when she does, few people show up; nobody wants to hear her and those that do, haven’t been given a chance to hear her. Unlike Trump, Clinton isn’t giving press conferences either. The only reason anyone watched last night’s debate was to hear the Donald and see if Hillary even made an appearance.

Donald Trump speaks to standing room only crowds with enthusiasm and excitement. Trump supporters are real and genuine and don’t need a debate to help them determine how they will vote; it’s Trump all the way, so let’s end this debate nonsense now.

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