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Mainline media determined to get Hillary elected

No, this isn’t some obsessed conspiracy latent blogger intent on making Secretary Clinton look bad and Donald Trump look good; that’s a mistake too many on the right made in 2012 which only fueled the fire of President Obama’s re-election.

The reality is that anyone watching the first debate would have to admit that the Donald was definitely “off his game” while Hillary was her usual self, lambasting Trump with rumors and half-truths reading from notes with pat answers delivering Trump up as a sacrificial lamb for the GOP; a sacrifice many “Never Trump” groups such as the Glenn Beck camp had been hoping for since Trump was officially declared the GOP nominee for president.

As most of the political pundits on both sides admit, the polls continue to go up and own for both candidates and will continue to do so right up to the day of the election; that’s the nature of presidential politics. What's extremely dangerous this time around for Republicans is not to ignore the major polls in exchange for the more favorable and lesser known polls. Romney did the later in 2012 and ended up losing the election.

Up till the first debate, Trump had a fairly even distribution of winning polls, even leading in some by as much as six points. Since the debate however, nearly all the major polls seem to be favoring Clinton. Trump has argued that following the debate he won every instant post-debate poll except that of CNN; that no longer seems to matter.

The problem at present for the GOP is the truth and honesty factor among both the pollsters and the mainline media interpreting and reporting about the polls; almost all of the polls seem to be favoring Hillary Clinton substantially. They key word here is “seem”, the polls have several interpretations and as such, many times the polls can actually go either way in their conclusions. The media utilizes that information as a launching pad to propagate what appears to be nothing less than pure unadulterated favor for the former Secretary of State.

Unfortunately for the Trump camp and the GOP, there is very little wiggle room in any attempt to present a winning case without sounding like some basement bound conspiracy group determined to sound the alarm that the election is rigged.

Although (apparently) not rigged, there is certainly every indication that the mainline media is as determined to “force” Hillary in as the first woman president as they were for Barack Obama to become the first African American president. Make no mistake, without a unified media in 2008, Obama would not have become president nor would John McCain have become the GOP nominee. The result could have been something far different.

At present, with Trump’s poor debate performance, positive Clinton post-debate polls and an all-out "smear Trump" campaign from the Hillary camp, it is all too obvious that the mainline media continues circling their protective wagons around the former first lady reporting almost everything her campaign releases while nearly ignoring any Trump counter information.

Be assured that the mainline media is determined to get Hillary elected and is doing everything they can to emphasize her inevitable election. The media sees this election as not only an attempt to make history with electing the first woman president but the first time in history a husband and wife return to the White House in reverse roles. The ratings gurus are already salivating to near ecstasy.

Unless the media is stopped in their biased attempts to write history, Hillary Clinton will become the next President of the United States. The corrupt Clintons will once again be in charge of our country for another eight years, bringing back increased cronyism, unethical behavior and immorality as well as the appointment of potentially five far left Supreme Court judges which could rewrite legislation so unimaginably, laws we currently hold dear might cease to exist.

The one hope we as conservatives can hold on to is that in 2008, Hillary won almost every debate and still lost the nomination to Obama and Romney having overwhelmingly won the first presidential debate in 2012 lost the general election; this means of course that Trump still has a fighting chance.

Added to all of this is the fact that the mainline media still doesn’t understand the Trump movement which could upset their whole plan. With mass crowds usually in the tens of thousands, the Donald speaks to their concerns and needs everyday while Hillary has to visit schools, colleges and universities just to get a few hundred or thousand to even show up.

If Trump still has any chance of pulling this election off (and he does)and literally saving the country from an eight year tyrannical rule of the Clintons, he must stop listening to the stuffed shirts, listen to the people and return to the Donald that won the Republican Presidential debates becoming the presidential nominee.

Don’t let the mainline media determine once again who will be our next president.

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