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Undeniably Trump

They said that it couldn’t be done. Many said they wouldn’t let it happen and that Donald Trump’s decision to run for president of the United States was little more than a joke. Most political pundits and the elites of the Republican Party said Trump should not be taken seriously; that was the big mistake.

Trump was a serious candidate from the start; he knew that as did his followers, friends and family.

Like any candidate, Donald Trump immediately had his followers simply because of popularity. Unlike other candidates however, the new President Elect was not just a multi-billionaire real estate mogul but a reality TV star with a new kind of follower that actually liked what they saw and heard.

Trump was not just arrogant, firm and vocal in his TV performances on the WWE and The Apprentice, he was also unique in his ability to say things his audiences wanted to hear such as, “You’re fired…..” It wasn’t just the words but how they were verbalized; the audience found them both credible and rational.

The same thing was true in the President Elect’s presidential campaign; at least to those who followed him. The longer Trump remained in the campaign, grew in the polls and won the primaries, his message became more credible and rational as his supporters increased in both strength and size.

Almost without exception the Trump campaign kept followers constantly on the edge of their seat but ultimately coming through with win after win after win.

Trump critics laughed at him, said he was standing in the way of legitimate candidates and would lose the White House in a landslide.

With the election having come and gone, like it or not, Donald Trump rose to the top as the cream of the crop of all other political candidates. Although it was a nail biting election night, Mr. Trump is now the President Elect of the United States of America.

It is important to note, up to and including the election itself, everything Mr. Trump promised happened.

He promised from almost day one, that he would win the primaries, win the GOP candidacy and ultimately win the Presidency of the United States and he did.

The President Elect told the “Never Trumpers” and other anti-Trump Republicans during the campaign that he didn’t need their support and it turned out that he didn’t.

Donald Trump has proven his credibility every step of the campaign despite the dirty tricks played by the left and even his own party. Everything he said has come true. There is no reason to doubt a Trump presidency will be anything but kept promises.

Everything, including the election itself is undeniably Trump.

Unlike previous American Presidents, Donald Trump will be completely non-establishment; he is and will continue to be his own man while being the president of the people.

May God bless President Elect Trump.

© 2016 The Outlaw Observer and Opinion

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