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A nationwide winter freeze

Possible hard freeze coming to Deep South Texas

America could be getting ready for a huge freeze all across the nation.

Several public and private weather services are reporting that the nation is in the process of getting slammed by a near historical Arctic front.

Apparently a wide spread blast of some of the coldest air (possibly in recorded history) is plunging down from Alaska to the Western United States early next week then expands to the eastern states.

Some weather models such as the EU model (considered one of the most reliable winter models) are forecasting this freezing weather reaching all the way into deep South Texas, the Rio Grande Valley and even Northern Mexico as indicated in the forecast map above.

Many forecasters believe much of the nation will be reaching freezing temperatures or lower with some states running 36 degrees below their average normal temperatures.

Although the models vary on the length of time this arctic blast will last, most forecasters agree that the final low temperatures reached in an area could last seven days or longer.

Already beginning to effect some areas, most of the nation could begin to experience the coldest temperatures and associated weather conditions as early as Saturday, December 3rd and lasting through Saturday, December 10th.

Stay in touch with local weather services for possible winter weather advisories.

Make sure the winter coats, blankets, gloves and scarfs are easily accessible and your home’s winter heat source is working safely and properly.

Stay warm America.

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