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Everybody loves a winner

Everybody loves a winner indeed and that’s the problem for many. The anti-Trump, Trump protestors and Jill Stein recount groups wanted nothing more than to discredit President Elect Donald Trump and make him look like anything but a winner.

As hard as they try however, these groups just can’t seem to get their act together. For every inch they move towards attempting to discredit the president elect, Mr. Trump moves a mile forward in the winner’s circle by keeping jobs in the United States, bringing in new investments, making cabinet appointments with leadership proven backgrounds and doing things neither traditional Democrats nor Republicans thought possible from a President elect.

The liberal left has tried everything. They tried to accuse him of immorality, illegalities, lying, cheating and even questioned his intelligence and mental health but the working class and heartland of America could not be swayed.

Politicians on the right and the left have tried to defeat or discredit President elect Trump both before and after the election and claimed they would never endorse or support him as their president. Now that Trump has begun the transition process, won the electoral college vote and begun naming his cabinet, many former never Trumpers, anti-Trumpers and even Trump haters have suddenly come over to his camp.

In fact, it now appears that many who were dead set to defeat and even destroy him are starting to warm up to the new business mogul president.

The scenes from congress just days after the election speak volumes, Donald J. Trump was a winner and they wanted to be part of the winning team.

Now as the Electoral College has cast their 304 votes for our President Elect and all of the futile attempts to dismantle his presidency before he is even inaugurated continue

by the radical left, it is encouraging to see an increasing number of previously anti Trump politicians getting on board with President Elect Trump’s plan to make America great again; both Republicans and Democrats.

Unfortunately there remains a disquieting murmur from the super disappointed on both the right and left who supported Hillary, Bernie or Ted still unable to accept the reality that Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. For these folks, they simply need to “Get over it”. As to the small percentage of Republicans which continue sobbing over Ted Cruz not getting the nomination, they should join the good Senator in supporting President Elect Trump and help “Make America Great Again”.

It’s somewhat ironic that as the regular football season comes to an end, many fans disappointed by their team’s inability to make the playoffs, find themselves simply and somewhat naturally supporting a new team they consider a winner and possibly headed to the Super Bowl. Sports fans know, there is no need to anguish in defeat because there is always next year and it’s always more enjoyable when you back a winner.

The same is true with the Presidential election; especially this Presidential election. President elect Trump has proven himself to be a winner in a unique and unprecedented way and it’s important that all of America get behind this winning non-politician president who has the potential to be one of America's great presidents leading America to become great for everyone.

Merry Christmas America, we’ve elected not just a winner but a winner as our new President but one who is not afraid to say, “Merry Christmas and God Bless America”.

© 2016 The Outlaw Observer and Opinion

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