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A New and brighter year

As 2016 draws to a close and 2017 gets ready to begin, it is for many one of the happiest New Years in a very long time.

For far too long, America has seen each year pass by in a very dismal end and uncertain beginning. I remember friends and relatives as recent as last year commenting at mid night, “What was so happy about the New Year”? Many felt nothing was going to be different or better. Even the New Year’s Eve television host seemed so scripted the past few years they all seemed miserable to be doing their job.

2017 however, promises to be much different. The New Year has so much potential, so much hope and so much positive to offer all of us looking to a brighter year and brighter time for America.

We have not just a new president to be sworn in on January 20, 2017 but we also have all the hopes and plans which accompany him in the new administration with new jobs, less taxes, infrastructure improvements, better school choices, a stronger military, improved foreign relations and better secured borders and controlled immigration.

One of the greatest possibilities President Elect Trump brings to the New Year is the potential for the first time in several decades is to truly unite America.

It is unfortunate that President Obama being the first African American President missed one of the greatest opportunities in American history to bridge the gap of racial and political division while pushing those divisions even further apart.

Donald Trump took major steps even in his campaign to bring people together by creating an ethnic diversity council and actually sitting down with leaders from all walks of life to determine how to heal our great nation and make no mistake, America needs healing.

Although only God knows what the future holds, He does indeed hold the future and it is this writer’s opinion that God is involving Donald Trump to help heal America to provide us with a much brighter future.

Like Israel, America chose its Saul (Obama) to lead them and in the years that followed he nearly destroyed them but God later sent David to make Israel great again even though many were opposed to the young King. Although some will disagree, this writer believes President elect Trump is America's David giving us a second chance to make America great again. Let us thank God for this second chance.


t is certain that President Elect Donald Trump is not perfect but neither was King David of Israel nor his son Solomon which followed him. But like these great kings of Israel, Donald Trump is an agent of healing for America and as such “a man after God’s own heart”.

Happy New Year and God Bless America

© 2016 The Outlaw Observer and Opinion

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