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Obama intent on American-Russian war

President Obama seems insistent on proving the ruthless and evil character of Russia and the mischaracterization of Russia by a Trump administration amidst the war of words over supposed Russian hacking of the 2016 American presidential election.

The minimal sanctions by Obama against Russia and the expulsion of some Russian diplomats from the United States was apparently only the beginning of the lame duck president's determination to delegitimize and undermine President Elect Trump's new administration.

The main line media is emphasizing the "aggressive Vladimir Putin" putting the emphasis on the Russian President even though there is the slight mention of "aggressive Russia".

The fact that there is and has been tensions between Russia and the Baltic states is no secret as well as the fact that America has offered military help since Russia's annexation of Crimea.

The United States has had a limited number of Military trainers in Lithuania since April 30, 2014 as a show of support to the Baltic States over Russian involvement in the Crimea/Ukraine dispute.

President Obama's decision to deploy Special Forces to the region at this time with only two weeks left in office is totally unjustified and is nothing less than inserting a fuse in a powder keg just waiting to be lit.

Like the recent sanctions and expulsions, a deployment of U.S. Special Forces (as significant and effective as they are) is no significant show of force and nothing more than Obama's snubbing his nose at the incoming President and his administration.

Although President Obama is the current Commander and Chief and has the right to send in the Special Forces, his decision to do so at this time has nothing to do with America's national security and everything to do with the president's zealous and obstructionist politics.

Obama's eight years of destructive, anti-American greatness politics was a total failure. Like the jealous school boy who lashes out at his school mates because he wasn't chosen to be on the sports team, this man child president which America chose eight years ago is intent on destroying the American people and the first real adult president they've chosen since Ronald Reagan; even if it means putting the world on the verge of a nuclear world war.

This article is no attempt to justify any attempted aggression by Russia towards America or any other nation but rather to question President Obama, the Democratic Party and even some Republicans determined to delegitimize President Elect Trump.

Many conservatives stood by following the 2000 election of President George W. Bush and allowed the liberal left Democrats to spend the next eight years doing nothing but delegitimizing his presidency. Conservatives must stand firm and not allow a repeat of that situation.

Americans must pray that no one ignites the fuse that this incompetent lame duck president has inserted into such a volatile part of the world simply to satisfy his ego.

May God greatly bless President Elect Donald Trump and may God Bless America.

© 2017 The Outlaw Observer and Opinion

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