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Now an ISIS connection

Esteban Santiago-Ruiz

Esteban Santiago - Ruiz

The Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooter

As reported by ABC, CBS News and the Blaze, Esteban Santiago- Ruiz is seen here dressed in traditional ISIS attire and beard raising the typical ISIS one finger salute giving some indication that today's Ft. Lauderdale International Airport shootings were at the least ISIS inspired if not actually ordered.

According to several media sources, Santiago-Ruiz walked into the Anchorage, Alaska office of the FBI in November, 2016 and told the FBI he was being forced to work for ISIS. What happened? Why was he not on a NO Fly list?

Is there any further reason for us to believe our nation's Intelligent community is anything but incompetent?

Due to the poison of political correctness and the fear of being accused of racial and religious profiling, the FBI let this guy slip right through their hands when he basically told them he was going to do what he did today; allowing the senseless murder of five people and serious injuries of eight more.

Why should Donald Trump or any of us believe anything this current Obamanation of intelligence and justice has to say.

This is OUTRAGEOUS and totally unacceptable!!!

Drain the Swamp Mr. President Elect and start with this corrupt and PC correct Intelligence Community. America no longer has the luxury of ignoring the obvious threat that ISIS has become on our own soil. If someone says their working for ISIS and looks the part, then it's obviously time for action; not after innocent people are killed or injured.

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