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It won't be long now

What started as a joke to many in both parties but rapidly became hope for millions of hard working middle class Americans is about to become reality as Donald J. Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

Although much has been said about our out going President having made history as the first African American President and the historical possibility of Hillary Clinton becoming the first Woman American President, very little has been said as to the historical nature of President Elect Donald Trump becoming the first truly non-politician businessman President.

President Elect Trump never ran for anything before becoming the Republican Nominee for President and of even greater significance is the fact that he is not an attorney; that alone should have most people standing and cheering.

The only thing President Elect Trump ever did was "make money" and relate to people through "Reality Television". In hindsight, it would appear President Elect Trump might have taken a page out of President Ronald Reagan's Presidential run. President Reagan had been an actor, so people knew him from the big screen and liked him and he related to the people in his love of Baseball and having been a Baseball game announcer.

Donald Trump loves sports as well being an avid golfer and builder of golf courses and people know and relate to him by playing his golf courses and attending tournaments. They also relate from seeing him on television from his years on the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and NBC's The Apprentice.

Donald Trump like Ronald Reagan has a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame but President Elect Trump is the only President inducted into the World Wrestling Hall of Fame. Unlike President Reagan who had been the two term Governor of California and ran for the Republican nomination twice to ultimately win the presidency, Mr. Trump had never ran for any political office, won the nomination the first time out as well as winning the Presidential election.

The election of Donald J. Trump might not seem as historical as that of President Obama or the possibility of Hillary Clinton possibly becoming the first woman President but make no mistake, the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States is both miraculous and historical.

History will most ultimately remember Donald J. Trump as the man who became President when America needed him most.

May God Bless President Elect Trump and through him may we all be blessed.

© 2017 The Outlaw Observer and Opinion

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