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Time for tenderness must end

For far too long America has become a mealy mouthed, tenderhearted, open the doors and let everybody in country.

Tenderness, compassion and being an island in the storm for those seeking freedom from persecution is fine and even sometimes necessary in the midst of disaster or calamity as an expression of America’s humanitarian concerns.

When America can no longer pay her bills, provide jobs for her own CITIZENS, provide for her military veterans, senior citizens, the disabled and mentally ill, there simply isn’t any reason to continue to open the doors and say “come on in”; this is especially true of those seeking asylum here from countries providing terrorist training, harboring and financing or a gateway from which to enter America for the purpose of integrating into American society with the possible intent of doing harm to Americans.

President Donald Trump’s recent executive order to ban entrance into the United States by citizens from seven countries known to be sympathetic to Extreme Islamic Terrorism is a good first start in in sealing the door of entry into America.

It is important to note that the ban is not permanent. The proverbial door has not been locked (as many previous presidents have done in the past). Several previous presidents have issued similar executive orders in an attempt to allow immigrants to “assimilate” into American culture. President Trump has simply closed the door for a period of ninety days in an attempt for Homeland Security and the State Department to wade through the turmoil left by the Obama Administration and the Kerry and Clinton State departments concerning refugees and illegal immigration.

The reaction by the so called mainstream press is despicable with their publication and reporting of outright lies that the president’s order was banning all Muslim immigration; it is not.

The subsequent marches and protest, law suits as well as legal and legislative threats against this president are not spontaneous but planned and staged and paid from the likes of George Soros who isn’t even a citizen of the United States.

The judges issuing stays against President Trumps order to ban illegal immigrants from terrorist friendly countries are mostly moderate to liberal judges and many are far left Obama appointed judges which obviously will attempt to overturn every possible executive order and even legislation passed by the Republican led Congress and Senate.

All of this is an attempt to inhibit the ability of the president to govern while attempting to defend the constitution of the United States as well as keep our country safe during our WAR with ISIS against terrorism.

Unfortunately and for whatever reason everyone is avoiding the elephant in the room; plain and simple, all of these obstructionist actions are nothing short of a mass act of SEDITION.

In fact legally speaking, what is actually going on by the radical, liberal, progressive, leftist Democratic Party is conspiratorial sedition which actually verges on treason for which federal arrest and punishment of up to twenty years in prison is possible.

The legal definition of SEDITION is a revolt or an incitement to revolt against established authority, against government and the free flow thereof. Make no mistake; President Trump is being prevented from fully governing the country by the radical left; which is their full intent.

It was Alexander Hamilton who first authored and succeeded in enacting the infamous Sedition Act of 1798 that criminalized anti-government speech. Fearing the spirit of faction and division, Hamilton convinced his peers that the Sedition Act was necessary to preserve national unity and prevent civil war. Good intentions aside, the Sedition Act became the tool of the big-government Federalist Party of that time which jailed political opponents and silenced debate. Although the act technically expired in 1801, subsequent presidents have utilized the act under executive order which has not since been overturned.

Sedition is a crime plain and simple.

Although sedition is a crime and the act of revolting or inciting revolt against government, because of the broad protection of free speech under the First Amendment, prosecutions for sedition are rare because generally they are difficult to prove.

Sedition basically involves speech and as such it verges on “hearsay and rumor” which is considered circumstantial and recordings both audio and video of such are seldom allowed as admissible in court. Nevertheless, sedition remains a crime in the United States under 18 U.S.C.A. § 2384 (2000), a federal statute that punishes seditious conspiracy, and 18 U.S.C.A. § 2385 (2000), which outlaws advocating the overthrow of the federal government by force (or encouraging, advocating or inciting such through speech) .

Almost every president has utilized this tool in one form or another including many of the Democratic Party’s favorites such as Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson and even Barak Obama. Obama went as far as to push through his own infamous 2009 Act of Sedition which codified Hate Crimes as Federal Law.

In 2010, Obama even utilized the sedition act against several White House and Capitol Hill reporters including Fox Reporter James Rosen which the Obama Administration put under investigation by the Justice Department and accused as a probable "co-conspirator" in a criminal spying case, even though the man was only reporting.

While President Trump continues his miraculous work in doing great things to make America safe and great again, the far left extremist are out right lying, accepting payment from the non-citizen George Soros Group for ACLU attorneys to challenge perfectly legal executive orders, pay protestors to block traffic and airports, burn cars and trash cans, and force the banning of conservative speakers from college campuses.

All the while, the far left anti-Trump main stream media continues with fake news and not reporting the facts.

In order for President Trump to continue with the “we the people’s agenda” as he promised, it is time for the President and his legal counsel to seriously consider utilizing any or all of the three legal Sedition Acts in order to squelch this insidious left wing hysteria.

Let's stop messing around and understand that these people are in this for the long haul and attempting to utilize the first amendment in ways it was never intended. Their actions are not free speech but terror. They have no desire to compromise or cooperate within the rule of law. As long as they are allowed to continue their irrational behavior and utilize the mentality and propaganda ignited by the Obama administration and the Hillary Clinton campaign, they will do so.

It's time for the tenderness to end; let’s get these people off the streets, out of the courts and if needed locked up NOW! There is no time to wait.

© 2017 The Outlaw Observer and Opinion

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