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Time to wag the dog Mr. President

For those of us that have actually read “The Art of The Deal” by President Donald Trump, it would certainly seem the President is right on course to accomplish his ultimate deal with the American people to “Make America Great Again”.

President Trump has already accomplished more in his first month of office than most American Presidents have even attempted in their first year and therein is the problem for many of his advisories.

Because of the President’s unique businessman/CEO leadership, it is somewhat difficult for the traditional Washington politician, bureaucrat, the mainstream media or average citizen to understand the how, why and what of the current administration’s process.

For the average politician and Washington bureaucrat, everything they do is about staying in office which means “staying the course” which obviously leads to complacency and nothing accomplished. Most of these traditional politicians and bureaucrats can’t believe this president is attempting to circumvent traditional and politically correct thought and procedure resulting in the irrational and negative rhetoric of the likes of Minority Leader Pelosi and Senators Schumer and McCain.

Pelosi and McCain are simply dinosaurs that somehow keep avoiding the tar pits while Schumer continues in a state of political shock trying to figure out how he ended up as Minority Leader having to work within a GOP controlled Congress and White House.

For President Trump, it’s totally different, it’s all about “Getting the job done for the American people” and he isn’t concerned how he gets the job done.

All of this said and with complete faith in President Trump’s ability, this writer would like to suggest a few ideas to “Wag the dog” (so to speak). These are suggestions which might curtail the focus of the political, bureaucratical and main stream media while moving forward with the issues which are vital to those of us who support him.

Keep in mind the first three suggestions were actually implied promises during the Trump Presidential Campaign.

First of all, issue an Executive Order to Legalize Medical Cannabis (marijuana) nationally and completely with no exceptions while requesting the DEA to cease all enforcement of marijuana products legitimately grown, processed or sold in the United States. This would establish jobs (which the President is all about), help vets, senior citizens, cancer patients, epileptics, MS, Parkinson and so many other people dealing with pain and disability.

Second, issue an Executive Order to fully legalize Industrial Hemp as an agricultural and industrial product nationwide. This would produce jobs and rebuild an industry that currently Canada and China have the monopoly and America is dependent on in industrial and nutritional products. At present, only the state of Kentucky via a Congressional Bill is legally able to grow industrial hemp on a limited basis.

Third, consider offering Carly Fiorina or other woman Republican a high valued position in the Intelligence area further demonstrating diversity. Carly Fiorina has already been vetted by the Trump team and is obviously extremely intelligent in the area of international affairs.

Finally, invite the Clintons and the Obamas over to the White House for a working dinner and offer them all ambassadorships:

For the Clintons, since Russia seems to be the reason for her loss of the election, offer her the position of Ambassador to Russia. She could spend four years getting to know Putin and find out how he hacked her and Bill would have access to the Russian Bride network upfront and personal. If Hillary turns the position down, offer it to Chelsea. If she accepts, then spend the next four years helping her to see the conservative light; need we forget her mom began as a Republican.

Of course a good alternative for Hillary could be Ambassador to Libya.

For Obama, Ambassador to Kenya seems only natural. He might actually be a Kenyan citizen and help develop an entire new relationship with the United States. If the ambassadorship doesn’t work out Barry might want to run for President of Kenya and if he won, he’d make history again becoming the first man to be elected President of two separate countries.

The final two suggestions would find the mainstream media focused on their two favorite politicians for the next eight years and President Trump free to “Complete the deal with the American people”.

Although the last two suggestions for ambassadorship are somewhat satirical, President Trump would do well to remember the old (somewhat “earthy”) adage it’s usually better to have friend or foe peeing from the inside out, than the outside in”. Unfortunately there are too many peeing from the outside in.

Just a thought Mr. President; keep up the great job.

© 2017 The Outlaw Observer and Opinion

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