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Swat those nasty flies

There is nothing more annoying than flies. Rather it’s outside at a picnic or inside where they snuck in for the family meal, there is nothing like a bunch of flies to disrupt a great time of food, fellowship or work.

Even worst, is while cleaning up you find some flies laid their nasty eggs and turned into maggots crawling all around in the food left behind and not yet thrown out; before long the annoyance becomes a serious irritant of odor and filth which gives way to more pestering flies and the circle of annoyance starts all over.

This unapologetic yet admittedly disgusting scenario is exactly the situation President Donald Trump and his administration are currently facing.

The Obama hold overs are simply annoying flies lighting on every good work the Trump Administration attempts, eating little bits of conservatism, vomiting it back up in attempt to begin the decay process of the Trump Presidency laying maggot eggs to keep the process on going.

Yes, the analogy is disgusting but so is the undermining and leaking by the Obama administration left overs and lifetime Washington bureaucracy.

After what many have called the greatest speech from President Trump yet and some have said the greatest speech by any president to a joint session of congress ever, the filthy Democratic liberal flies began to lay their nasty eggs of defamation, vitriol and deception with the hope of birthing huge swarms of social media flies.

These maggots of the left are crawling around seeking to consume the flesh of conservatives and specifically the Trump administration sending out an odor so obnoxious it smells of deliberate politicizing; it is so outrageous the reasoning is obvious even to some in the left wing media.

It was obviously planned (and timed) to draw attention away from President Trump’s historic speech to congress.

After their first attack on General Flynn and successfully forcing him from office, their next target is Attorney General Jeff Sessions which these maggots are attempting to consume down to a decaying pile of filth.

These left wing liberal maggots are liars, thieves and the most hideous of all creatures.

They are obviously something less than human; their actions identify them closer to that of maggots and like genuine maggots, they make most people’s skin crawl at just the site of them.

Just the sight of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Al Franken make most people nauseous, shiver and even hurl.

They have no regard for human decency or the genuine good of this country.

Jeff Sessions is one of the finest most decent people on the planet. He is not just a fine attorney, senator and legislator but a fine Christian man and therein is the problem; Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a Christian and an evangelical Christian to boot.

Make no mistake, these liberal left wing maggots hate and despise Christians. Most of the people in the Trump administration have a strong belief in God which means they revere the Bible and the Bible for most Christians and Jews is the basis for moral absolutes; moral absolutes which have almost disappeared from the United States of our founders.

For the past eight years President Obama and his cronies have done everything possible to delete any talk of God, the Bible and Christianity from mainstream politics and government. President Obama was the first American President to declare the United States was not a Christian nation; even to a group of foreign dignitaries.

Now President Trump and his administration have brought God, Christianity and the Bible back to the conversation of American politics and the liberal left Democratic Party know that if such conversation continues, the left wing agenda will diminish and ultimately die.

Non-Biblical left wing ideology such as homosexual lifestyle (promoted and openly) accepted as normal, gay marriage, abortion and especially late term abortion is essential to the existence to the far left wing liberal agenda. The left is keenly aware an emphasis of Biblical influence will eventually destroy their far left wing from which most of their money is generated; no money, no campaign or influence and no winning.

Many conservative pundits believe the left is so decimated by the 2016 election losses (estimated at over a combined 1,200 State & Federal seats) that the very Democratic Party itself could be in danger of eventual disintegration.

As a result the libs that remain, like the filthy, nasty insects they are, swarm and light on even the scent of something conservative, decent and right laying their eggs of deceit, deception and evil. They use their fake news, terms like anonymous sources and calling for special investigations, resignations and impeachment in their attempt to hold on to their very last strands of power; in reality they’re barely holding on.

The flies are being swatted and their maggots destroyed. With the confirmation coming on Friday of Judge Neil Gorsuch, the democratic party will be all but demolished remaining barely a lame duck party for the next 4 years.

Unlike previous Republican candidates or presidents, the liberal left has never dealt with anyone like President Donald Trump and the Trump movement.

The reality is that liberal Democrats and media are jumping ship as they did under Ronald Reagan and more are sure to follow. Unlike President Reagan, President Trump has far more loyalist and this President is not a traditional politician. He is not an ideologue and is more to the middle than to the right which is influencing many stunned liberals moving them to the right.

Make no mistake, everything President Trump does from Tweets to Executive orders, off the collar remarks to the press, his speeches as well as rallies is planned, strategized, has purpose and ultimately intended to destroy his rivals (the swarming pestering flies and their maggots).

The left still doesn’t get it; or maybe they do and are simply fighting for their dying life.

Keep swatting those flies conservatives and oh yes, keep PRAYING for President Trump and God Bless the United States of America.

© 2017 The Outlaw Observer and Opinion

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