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Libs infiltrating Social Media

URGENT My Fellow Conservatives

A few weeks back I had noticed unusual activity on my Facebook and Twitter accounts; lots of people requesting to be friends or notifying me they were following me. It was quite an unusual amount of request. I thought nothing about it until Facebook became almost uncontrollable and an overwhelming number of leftist Trump haters started posting replies to my posts and articles.

In conversations with other pro Trump political writers, I found out that leftist liberals are infiltrating all social media. They are intent on using one more way of spreading fake news and delegitimizing President Trump's administration.

Left wing liberals are Trolling, Phishing, Cloning and down right HACKING our social media accounts. If you find you cannot control scrolling, or mouse pointer, unusual news feeds or followings suddenly appear on your account(s) or someone who is already on your friend list or following you suddenly sends a new Friend Request or Following notification, DO NOT CONFIRM or accept.


Go to a different computer, tablet, laptop or phone and change ALL social media passwords. In most cases this will stop the problem. In some cases, you might have to delete your account and start over. ALSO, do NOT respond to Liberal Comments to a Conservative article or post; NOT EVEN YOUR OWN.

Do NOT confirm your phone number if a pop up window request you to do so while on Facebook or Twitter. It's a trap.

The Libs are FLOODING our Social Media and baiting us to gain info they can use for their continuing social media attacks to drive down the President's opinion polls and discourage Trump supporters from using any social media.

If you feel you must reply, REPLY with an ORIGINAL posts ONLY and do NOT share articles from unfamiliar sites or authors. An example is Fair E News and a so called writer/reporter going by the name of S. Cru Uwritey. This is commonly referred to as a Bump and Dump. The paper is fake, writer is fake and the article is FAKE containing DIS or MIS information. The articles are deliberately outrageous designed to stir up frustration among conservatives. If you respond, they've got you and they can use your account to actually "flip you to your friends and followers".

This is not a conspiracy theory. This is very real. Although not verifiable (for obvious reasons) according to some reports, it's even happening to some large conservative news outlets as well.

We cannot allow these Obama hold overs, "snowflake" millennials and Far left liberals to control us or OUR President.

We must understand that these people are at war with us and will stop at nothing to bring us and our President down.

Protect yourself. Your anti-virus/anti-malware will NOT stop this.

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