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The NFL Death Knell

It is with great sorrow, we inform you of the death of American football.

Sadly, it's the owners and employees (players) that have made the decision to destroy what was once America's favorite Fall and Winter pass time.

The so called solidarity movement by players and some owners and coaches of the National Football League to publically protest the playing of the American National Anthem has all but sealed the certainty of the death of what has been America's favorite Sunday spectator sport.

Former San Francisco Forty Niner quarterback Colin Kaepernick is credited with starting these protests with historically inaccurate misinformation and disinformation over the author of the National Anthem, Francis Scott Key because he was a slave owner. History, however, is not entirely clear on the subject; although some evidence supports Key having owned a slave, further investigation suggest Key was actually an avid supporter of the "anti-slavery movement" of the day and had actually purchased his slave to prevent him from being sold to a known abusive tobacco plantation.

As a result, Colin Kaepernick spent all of last year's football season on his knee refusing to stand for the National Anthem and in his way of thinking "protesting slavery". In turn, throughout the season more and more players followed suit culminating with President Donald Trump calling players disrespectful and recommending that owners and coaches should fire every player that refuses to stand for the National Anthem and urging fans to boycott the games until players apologize.

This past Sunday's protest included most of the players of the National Football League kneeling, not coming out of the locker room or interlocking arms in solidarity against slavery (which was banned in the United States over 150 years ago), police brutality and this week against President Trumps remarks on the subject.

American's were further embarrassed in London, England when the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars all kneeled during the playing of the American National Anthem. Hey guys, "We won our independence from Great Britain" and they played our national anthem in their stadium in their country; what is wrong with you?

For this writer, football is now dead. I am cancelling my NFL Sunday Ticket, I will not wear any football clothing and will never attend a game again until this current mess ceases to be. I for one refuse to have any part in financing the million dollar salaries of these "Cry baby" players. By God, I am a customer of the NFL and I demand some decent customer service. I don't care what these idiots believe or think they believe, that's not what I purchased. They can keep their protest and politics at home and not on the field. I just want a good game to watch and nothing else. The least these so called millionaire athletes can do is respect our flag and national anthem and if they can't, then they should quit or let the owners fire their lousy butts.

Do what you like football fans but for this once avid NFL, Miami Dolphan, I am done with the game until the owners, players and coaches come to their senses and apologize to the country, our President and the fans for their disrespectful actions and cease their current protests.

Players are employees. The first amendment does not apply and the owner's could stop this situation if they wanted but because they won't stop the protests, sadly enough the NFL has for all intent and purpose committed suicide.

I might add that this could be a great opportunity for some up and coming entrepreneurs to start another PATRIOTIC football league; one that is not politically correct and one that is RESPECTFUL of our flag, our anthem and the fans.

Hat's off to President Trump for his bold stand against the NFL's childish behavior in promoting anti American nationalism.

Goodbye NFL, may you rest in peace.

© 2017 The Outlaw Observer and Opinion

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