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From teasing to seizing

Harassment is no joke

Recent accusations of sexual harassment have developed nothing less than fear and hysteria.

It’s no secret that the liberal left is at the forefront of the creation of this new found morality within the Democratic Party. Rest assured that this faux morality of a party which has long been laden with sexual scandal and immorality is nothing less than weaponized religious value turned politically correct for the express purpose of attempting the impeachment of President Trump.

One only need return to the days of the Clinton administration and Monica Lewinski’s “Blue Dress” scandal to recall Democrats saying, “It’s no big deal, everybody does it” referring to President Bill Clinton’s risqué sexual involvement with the noted White House intern. The scandal ultimately led to Clinton’s impeachment in which he was subsequently acquitted by the Senate. The Senate basically determined it was personal (“It’s no big deal, everybody does it”) and did not interfere with his ability to govern the country.

Be assured however, the Democrat Party always willing to change has never wasted a good scandal even if they need to create or revive one and sacrifice their own in the process. Keep in mind these scandals always have a multiple purpose.

In the current scandal of mass sexual harassment, the general purpose is to “purify the party” and (supposedly) identify with their grass roots by removing the clowns (Al Franken), overzealous (John Conyers) and extremist of their party. Obviously no one is exempt considering the number of politicians and celebrities which have been accused of sexual misconduct being forced to resign and/or seek rehabilitation and treatment.

There are however, at least two other purposes for the current scandal. The first is obviously and ultimately intended to link the current wave of sexual harassment to President Trump prior to his presidency and his campaign. The president has long since denied all the allegations against him. Most of them were devised Democrat operatives which offered money for accusations against the President. The majority of the women have long since denied they were harassed at all.

There simply is no story here. The mere allegation of such however, satisfies the left’s grass roots and in most cases would create doubt in the masses but not with the Trump Train; it’s packed and running “full speed ahead”.

The third purpose is not so obvious but actually the most serious of all. It is the actual attempt by the Democratic Party for long range genocide of America in order to totally reform the United States into a socialistic if not communist nation.

Right or wrong, men and women are God created sexual beings designed to attract one another, visibly emotionally and biologically for both pro creation and pleasure.

It is no secret that there are some of both genders which are more infatuated and aggressive in their sexual pursuit than others; the recent accusations invading the news media are representative of such but to paint a wide swatch to include everyone with emphasis on the male gender is near genocide.

The continuing emasculating of the American male is no less than the politically correct castration and sterilization of any man that would dare smile, compliment or tip their proverbial hat to a woman that catches their eye in passing.

The result will ultimately be diminished dating, marriage, cohabitation and complete sexual disinterest by both genders for fear of breaking HR guidelines, breaking the law, being embarrassed socially or even being politically incorrect.

The birth rate of the United States is already one of the lowest in the world, just 12.5 births per 1,000 population (2016) · Ranked 159th in the world. Until 2006, there had been a steady decrease in the birthrate to almost a zero birthrate and only in the past ten years has it risen primarily due to illegal immigration among people from countries not as politically correct and where religious restrictions prohibit birth control.

The liberal left is fully aware that the Trump administration will continue to curtail Federal funding for abortions and Planned Parenthood which will greatly reduce the left’s ability to continue the reduction of the American population. As a result setting a mindset via allegations of sexual harassment over a period of time will most definitely lead to a zero gain population.

The left is losing their mind over the tremendous success by the Trump administration in less than a year nearly eliminating every trace of the Clinton/Obama legacy.

Still, the left is desperate and will do anything to regain their power. The recent allegations against Alabama Judge Roy Moore and the fraudulent election of Doug Jones is just an example. President Trump, his administration and supporters must not let down their guard.

The mass sexual allegations by the liberal left is not just a political tease, it is an actual attempt to seize America’s life blood and traditional American values. Trump supporters must be vigilant in prayer and verbal support of the greatest American President in fifty years.

God bless President Trump and his family and God bless the United States of America.

© 2018 The Outlaw Observer and Opinion

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