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Civil War is here

Many will say (expressly the left liberal media) this article is nothing more than an attempt to legitimize an otherwise conspiratorial mindset among a select few.

The select few they say are a wacked out minority of Americans who are Bible believing, church going, gun owners, farmers, ranchers and small business owners; all who voted for Donald Trump as President.

Sixty three million Americans voted for President Trump, basically one third of registered eligible voters. Another third voted for Hillary Clinton with much of that vote in question as to its legitimacy and the remaining third simply didn’t vote.

The interesting thing about the pro Trump voter is that many had either not voted in decades or had never voted in their life. The pro Trump vote was made up of Democrat, Republican and Independents

of every race and ethnicity, religion and gender.

So why did we vote for Donald Trump?

The truth is, the folks, the “good folks” who put Donald Trump in office realized the heart, mind and soul of America was at stake and a civil war was needed; not a war of violence but hopefully one of peaceful victory with a new leader determined to “Make America Great Again” .

Donald Trump’s agenda is strong, unique and determined not just to return America to her roots but to ultimately make us better than ever. Trump voters agree with that agenda and are behind him all the way. Trump supporters were not just voters; they are supporters and a “movement” which many have deemed “The Trump Train”.

Trump Train

Since President Trump’s election, the liberal left has attempted to derail the train but in every attempt, the train not only runs the left over but rolls on faster and faster.

The left however, neither comprehend nor do they attempt to understand what President Trump is doing. They only need read the President’s book, “The Art of the Deal” to do so but due to their liberal agenda, they have no desire.

The liberal left is more interested with pushing political correctness, global inclusion, sexual orientation, abortion, monetary equality, socialism, anti-Christian, anti-God and out right communism.

The liberal left in eight short years moved America closer to full blown socialism than any other time in history. Their hope, had Hillary Clinton been elected president was to move America into a full blown Globalist Communist country by the end of her second term.

The Trump Train stopped her and has literally prevented a socialistic/communistic overthrow of America.

Make no mistake; America is in a Civil War.

Our president is doing everything he can to “Make America Great Again” and doing a marvelous job in returning basic American values to our country while having to constantly do battle with the main stream media and the deep state.

Those of us on board the Trump Train must remain strong and not buy any of the left’s lies and distortion; we must fight the good fight and destroy liberal left ideology and philosophy once and for all.

Our only hope for non-violence is prayer and our continued strong support of President Trump’s agenda.

Of course, liberal left Democrats have already made it clear as to the extent they are willing to go with threats against the president, the White House and those who support him.

As was true in our first Civil War, the opposition must awaken to reality.

Although the message is different, conservatives have made their voice heard and their message clear. Donald Trump is the duly elected President of the United States; all 50 states and U.S. territories. Nothing and no group, party or individual will be allowed to stop him or his supporters from a full and complete victory.

The liberal left is engulfed with political insanity and in the process of committing political suicide by utilizing every underhanded, lie and illegal maneuver imaginable; they defame one of the best Presidents in history and continue to interfere with his ability to carry out the agenda he ran on and the free flow of government.

The left should be forewarned, the Trump Train will never be derailed.

© 2018 The Outlaw Observer and Opinion

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