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No Mueller/Trump Interview

The mainline media is reporting that a Trump/Mueller interview is all but certain.

Those that support the president should do everything possible to encourage the president to avoid such interaction.

Of course, President Trump being the quintessential professional business man he is, none of us have any idea of his plan of action concerning such an interview with the Special Counsel or if he will actually agree to meet with him.

Certainly we know our president is his own man.

President Trump might have attorneys and counselors advising him but in the end he will make the final decision. He will do what he deems best and so far that has worked extremely well for him.

One thing is certain, the President has done nothing traditional or expected in campaigning to win the presidency and he continues to administer his presidency in the same manner.

President Trump is known for doing the unexpected; it’s “The Art of the Deal”. Make no mistake; he knows what he’s doing. The potential interview with Special Prosecutor Mueller however, is both a test and a trick. It concerns all who support him.

The President being the honest man that he is has told his attorneys he is “eager to speak with the special prosecutor” with the underlying belief that since he hasn’t done anything wrong he has nothing to fear; some of his attorneys are encouraging him to do so. Unfortunately, such an interview with the all-powerful special prosecutor is extremely dangerous.

Mueller is a federal prosecutor and anything determined to be lying (even by omission) to a federal agent of any kind is considered a crime. If the president even changes by accident a verb, an adjective, a singular to a plural, etc. in his interview from any previous or future conversation (known or unknown) with anyone linked to the investigation, Mueller can accuse him of lying and charge him with a criminal offense.

Mueller is no doubt part of the “Secret Society” or Kabul which has been mentioned in the #ReleaseTheMemo Fisa warrant documents and must not be trusted. He is not law and order, he is evil and chaos and his entire plan is to promote chaos throughout the Trump administration.

Dear Mr. President, please don’t fall into their trap. lWe need you to continue doing what you are doing. Many of us believe God has sent you to us to “Make America Great Again” and that you are doing.

We have great confidence that you know what you are doing but as you pray and we pray with you, please take the advice of Judge Andrew Napolitano and please do not meet with Special Prosecutor Mueller.

Please pray that divine wisdom will be given to President Trump in this matter and that both a spiritual and physical hedge of protection will surround him, his family and staff.

# NoMuellerTrumpInterview

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