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Swamp cleaning decisions after the memo

During the 2016 presidential campaign “draining the swamp” was often heard as the standard bearer theme by supporters of Donald Trump. In reality however, most people had no idea what “draining the swamp” meant. In fact, the majority of Americans remain clueless as to what the “swamp” refers.

Generally speaking, the swamp refers to and is those who work in government in Washington D.C. but it’s so much more. The “swamp” involves presidential and congressional appointees and hires which have been carried over from one administration to another (regardless of party) and due to government union rules and the longevity of those employed as support staff; it becomes near impossible to dismiss these people. It is these people who are basic subordinates and support staff covering each other’s backs. In actuality they run the country making decisions and giving opinions and influencing the people we elect.

Over the years in the eight churches I pastored, I had members of my congregations who had retired from federal jobs tell me about the corruption and bureaucracy they experienced. A retired DOT employee told me once that in most cases if a person stayed employed for three years, he had a job for life. The bottom line is that “the swamp” is difficult to clean and unfortunately the people that actually run the country.

The swamp is not just the people we have elected or the people who get appointed by those we elect and have been in Washington for decades. It is hundreds of thousands of people living in Washington D.C. and the suburban Virginia and Maryland communities carried over from one administration to another. They are not loyal to any party. They are loyal only to their self and each other and will do anything to protect their jobs and their interest; “We the people” simply doesn’t matter.

Unfortunately our country’s ethical and moral values have diminished to such an extent that the main stream media has become supportive of “the swamp”. They live and work in the same communities, share the same watering holes, coffee houses, relationships, friends and immoral and unethical ideals.

They too, have become a vital part of the swamp as the recent four page FISA memo clearly states. The main stream media works diligently to support and “cover up” for their friends in “the swamp”.

As stated in previous articles, this is serious business. Crimes against the president, his administration and “We the people” and the United States Constitution must not be ignored or go unpunished.

The FISA memo has begun naming names. The main stream media continues to give excuses, ridicule, cover up and dismiss the facts.

Still, the president has a decision to make; how does he proceed?

The swamp is deep and dangerous. Gators with big teeth and venomous snakes are everywhere. I’ve hunted in the swamps of the everglades and you can’t wait in one place too long or the swamp creatures get you.

Contrary to popular belief of the main stream media and even members of congress, the president does not have to get a special prosecutor, investigate, place the swamp creatures on trial or anything else.

The President can simply utilize the 3 Sedition (Espionage) acts available to him and enact any or all of them with a simple Executive order.

The Sedition Acts of 1798, 1917/1918 and 2009 give the President explicit authority to protect the nation from its own people who would bring harm to the president, those governing and the general ability of the nation to govern. (See: The Time for Tenderness Must End)

President Trump should not wait. He must act now. He should instruct Attorney General Jeff Sessions to order Federal Marshals to round up those mentioned or implied in the memo for questioning and sent to GITMO for processing. These people must be removed from their ability to cover up, obscure and corrupt.

The time for action is now. If such actions were good enough for Lincoln, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Wilson, Johnson and yes, even Obama, then certainly, President Trump should utilize these sedition acts as well.

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