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Seldom is everything revealed Part II

As stated in my previous article, due to increased competition and financial cost within mainstream media necessitating increased outsourcing of reporting and production, “What you read, see or hear is not necessarily what you get” in today’s news media.

The end result is that “Seldom is everything revealed”; as such, more opinion, conjecture, imagination and story creation is utilized to rush the news to press or broadcast. The final product is “Fake News”.

Those of us in conservative circles have always been suspicious of bias from news organizations with liberal left leanings as well as the three major broadcast networks and NPR. It was not until the emergence of Rush Limbaugh and later Sean Hannity that “alternative news and analysis” began to partially lift the veil of untruth and liberal bias.

I remember hearing Rush Limbaugh for the first time back in 1989 while driving on I-10 in Jacksonville, FL, I almost drove my car off the side of the road. Rush proudly said he was a conservative while shedding a new light on stories already in the news. Suddenly the news was different and someone was saying what I was thinking. Truth revealing news had been born.

Having worked for the Miami Herald as well as later a local cable news affiliate and a local television station in West Palm Beach, FL, I was well aware of “short cuts” made by editors, producers and directors to get a story to print or air. The pressure was great to beat the competition and “go with the story”.

It was and still is all about the money; the readers, the viewers, the ratings and most of all the advertisers.

Of course “back in the day”, there were no computers and the closest idea of instant news was information coming over a “teletype” machine from one of the main news wire services such as AP, UPI, Reuters or possibly a “hot lead” via the phone. It still took at least four hours to get a special edition of a News Paper to press and usually 15 - 30 minutes (minimum) to go “on air” and that was usually with minimal verification of the story to avoid legal liability.

Today, it appears the mainstream media as well as left liberal leaning blogs and internet based media have no fear of legal liability and actually manufacture news to entice hysteria among the masses; the more fantastic or outrageous the headline and content, the better.

Once again, it’s primarily “all about the money”; anything beyond that such as ultimately damaging the president or getting him removed from office is frosting on the proverbial cake.

Today every piece of news is literally instant making competition for the almighty dollar greater than ever. With Google virtually controlling 100% of the internet via their massive search engine, Gmail, Blogger/Blogspot, You Tube and Ad Sense, those attempting to get found on the internet by the masses find it necessary to create “Fake News” or at least “Fake Headlines” to tease and entice readers/viewers to their sites and increase their visibility within the search engine.

One of the most common and frustrating tactics used by the mainstream news media, liberal left internet blogs and their advertisers is the old bait and switch tactic; offer one thing, then give something less. The internet version of this is click and switch by manipulating the reader/viewer with a clever title or headline to force feed the corporate, network or PC opinion, philosophy or product on the reader/viewer. The end result is often “Fake News”; unfortunately too many people are naive and believe everything they read becoming indoctrinated to the mainstream propaganda.

We must remember that this or any other type of controlled censorship never succeeds.

The current censorship of conservatives, gun owners and Christians by Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, You Tube and Google is indeed hindering our First Amendment rights but as the old saying goes. “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

Adversity generates creativity and thanks to new social mediums such as GAB, Heavy, Path, Purk and of course Tumblr (owned by Yahoo but still maintains its original Free Speech concept), Daily Motion, Vimeo and Vube, hopefully a new window of opportunity has begun to open completely free of censorship; only time will tell.

Thanks to GAB for being thus far the most user friendly of these innovative social sites leading the way for Free Speech allowing “Everything to be revealed”.

© 2018 The Outlaw Observer and Opinion

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