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Trump, Tillerson and the triumph over treason

President Trump’s firing of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State might appear sudden and surprising to the mainstream media but the Trump agenda would suggest otherwise.

It appears Donald Trump is making his mark on turning America around in the same way he wins at business and won the hearts of America on reality television; through the “Art of the Deal”.

Just when mainstream media thinks they’ve figured him out or have something “juicy” on him, he suddenly throws them a bone and the past two weeks it appears the President has brought out a whole bag of bones for the media to chew on.

Last week it was the announcement that he would meet with “Little Rocketman” (aka North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un ) and the president of South Korea concerning the “denuclearization” of North Korea. Then, this week in what some would say is a certain homerun, he not only removes Tillerson as Secretary of State but immediately has sitting in the wings to replace him Mike Pampeo, former CIA Director, and then names the first ever woman CIA director, Gina Haspel. She had been serving our country as the C.I.A. Deputy Director, who like the president, favors the use of advance torture techniques such as water boarding.

Although Tillerson claims he had no prior knowledge of the President’s decision or reason for such, it is obvious from the president’s readiness with replacements that Tillerson had to have had some idea at the very least.

It appears that Tillerson and the President had begun to part ways on both policy for dealing with North Korea and Iran. Although the President has been steadfast in his resolve to force North Korea to the bargaining table through USA military might and a worldwide embargo, Tillerson has been opposed to such leaning to more of a minimal globalist agreement.

There is also continuing information to suggest that Secretary Tillerson was working against the President’s campaign promise and agenda to end the Iran nuclear treaty; which some have suggested actually borders on treason.

While the president has never veered from his promise to rescind the Obama nuclear deal with Iran, apparently, Tillerson has been working behind the scenes with European allies to simply adjust the treaty to accommodate global interest as opposed to the president’s “America First” agenda.


n addition, while visiting Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, CA, the president made a startling announcement by stating, “Space is a war-fighting domain, just like the land, air and sea,” Trump said. “We may even have a Space Force — we have the Air Force, we’ll have the Space Force, you know, the Army, the Navy.”

He added: “I said, maybe we need a new force, I was not really serious, but now I’m thinking that’s a great idea. We’re making a Space Force. Tremendous.”

The president also talked about going to Mars very soon.

Then there was also the House Intelligence committee bringing their Russia investigation to a close and concluding that there was no evidence of any collusion by the Trump Campaign with Russia to influence the 2016 Presidential election.

This news alone seemed to spur the DOJ and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to consider a special prosecutor beyond the Inspector General to investigate those who used false information in order to obtain the FISA warrant which opened the door to the current Mueller investigation on Russian involvement in the 2016 election.


n addition, Attorney General Jeff Sessions late Friday night fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe (who took the reins of the agency following the firing of James Comey), just — two days before he was to retire and become eligible for full pension benefits. Many Congressional leaders and conservative pundits see this as the beginning of long overdue justice for those involved in the FISA warrant scandal.

Such information has moved many (including the president) to question whether arrests and indictments for McCabe and others for sedition or treason can be far behind.

All in all, contrary to reports by the main stream media,the President is having some much needed encouraging and positive days as he continues to “Make America Great Again”.

2018 The Outlaw Observer and Opinion

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