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Polls don't tell the whole story

The main stream media would have us all believe the continuing rage of left leading, Democratic inspired (anti-Trump) polls favoring the Democratic Party re-gaining the House of Representatives in November is all but over.

Even Fox News latest election poll is suggesting an over whelming Democratic victory in the fall election. A closer look at the poll however, shows nothing of the kind. This writer questions both the integrity of Fox News editorial staff and an apparent continued move away from their former center right "fair and balanced reporting" (as rumored).

The reality however, is that the elections are still two months away and far from over.

Clearly the Fox News Poll was laced with misleading questions as most polls usually are making the entire poll suspect from the very first question. The bottom line however is found in the plus or minus category where Republican, Independent, Pro-Trump, White, African American and Evangelical voters appear to have the edge; that edge is anywhere from +/- 4.5 to 7% depending on the candidate.

The big issue among Democrats seems to be the same issue which kept Hillary Clinton from winning the 2016 Presidential election, “Donald Trump is not capable of becoming President” and yet she lost the election even though the polls were constantly in her favor. Now it’s the same message with only a slight variation, “Donald Trump should have never become President”. Once again the polls appear extremely favorable for the Democratic Party but is there any reason the results will be any different; especially with such an overwhelmingly successful President.

Nonetheless the Democrat’s message to their constituents is, “Vote us in so we can gain control of the House of Representatives and we will impeach Donald Trump”. What the Democrats don’t get is that the majority of Americans are seeing more jobs and more money in their paychecks and don’t want this president impeached.

The Democrats are also busy trying to convince themselves (and anyone else that will listen) that the likeliness of their regaining the power of the House is in their favor since traditionally the party “not in the White House” gains or regains control of the House of Representatives (and sometimes the senate) in the mid-term election following the first term presidential election.

But once again, the American people are tired of the past and what has traditionally been generated by the political swamp which might very well turn the tide favorably in the November mid-terms for President Trump despite what polls are saying.

Donald Trump has done more to move the United States of America back to the original Constitutional intent than any president since Ronald Regan and away from the leftist, socialist leaning, liberal intent of the Democratic Party.

We must remember that within two months of the 2016 Presidential election the media polls all had Hillary Clinton winning by a landslide but “the Donald” never gave up and the good voters of this country rewarded his efforts resulting in a better economy and a better country. America is truly becoming “Great again” under President Trump which is well understood by American voters.

We the people must not allow these dangerous leftist, liberal socialist Democrats to regain power. We must ignore these pre-election polls but work hard and enthusiastically to get conservative American, Pro-Trump voters to the polls on Election Day and elect pro-Trump candidates.

America is great again, let’s keep it that way.

God bless President Trump, his family and The United States of America.

© 2018 The Outlaw Observer and Opinion

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