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Midterm madness

So much has been said about the midterm elections, it almost seems futile to mention anything further but there is still more to say.

Probably most important, is that Democrats have been talking and planning for the midterm elections from literally the day President Trump won the 2016 election; ultimately leading to the current "Midterm madness".

It’s true that every opposition party begins strategic planning once a new president has been elected but it is usually with the acceptance of the new president with class and dignity and an overall determination to make at least an attempt to work with the new administration.

The current Democratic Party however, has made every attempt to block and hinder President Trump’s agenda and yet he has still succeeded. The list of the President’s accomplishments is overwhelming and has been well documented by many so they will not be reiterated here but just imagine how much more President Trump might have done without the Democratic Party’s obstruction.

All the mid-term rhetoric has been nothing more than the Democratic Party and their supportive media attempting appeasement of their far left constituency and liberal agenda while seeking to intimidate the Trump administration. The big problem for Democrats is the Trump administration and his supporters are not easily intimidated.

All the Democratic Party leaders, the research polls and all the mainline media continue to emphasize the coming "bluewave" of voters showing up at the polls beginning with early voting starting tomorrow, October 22 (in most states) and on mid-term Election Day Tuesday, November 6. Once again, a dilemma for the Democratic Party is that Trump supporters are not easily intimidated; they don’t pay attention to mainline media and are not influenced by random sample research polls.

Historically, it has been true that the opposition party gains seats in both the House and the Senate and often has even gained control of the House of Representatives; that could happen this time as well.

But as many in Republican ranks state, there was nothing traditional about President Trump’s election in 2016 and there is at least the potential for a similar situation in the mid-term election.

With that said, many Political Pundits and Trump supporters still raging over the abuse by the Democrats during the Kavanaugh hearings for Supreme Court Justice, wonder if the same “mob rule” tactics will be used at the polls to deter and/or influence voters.

There was a time when both parties simply saw themselves as the “loyal opposition” when their party was not in power; in other words, your party might disagree with the party in power but because of your loyalty to the country and the rule of law you remained civil and did your best to cooperate. Sadly, it seems that time has passed.

Democratic leaders (past and present} are making threats of physical violence, encouraging verbal assaults in close up confrontation with Republican leaders and candidates as well as threatening people in ethnic areas with violence if they vote republican.

The bottom line is that fair minded, decent people rather they are Republican, Independent, Democrat or any other party need to vote Republican in order for America to continue to grow strong and move forward as the “Greatest country in the world”.

Under President Donald Trump America has truly become Great Again and we must keep it that way.

Do not be discouraged by biased liberal media polling or “mob mentality” which could be present at the polls; get out and vote.

Keep America Great.

God bless the United States of America

© 2018 The Outlaw Observer and Opinion

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