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Time to take the deep state down

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has released his findings and Attorney General William Bar has issued the summary report revealing there was no collusion by the Trump campaign organization with Russia in order to influence the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election. AG Bar also concluded there was no obstruction to the Mueller investigation from the Trump White House. As such, it’s time to move forward and finish taking down the deep state.

Those who started this investigation as well as the willingness of the media to participate in this witch hunt must be identified and prosecuted to the furtherest extent of the law.

It's not just enough to be satisfied that our President has won another round with these disgusting, slithering, slimy swamp creatures, it’s also essential there be another full fledge investigation of those that put this president through the worst kind of living hell of any president in our life time.

Every single conspiratorial member of Congress, the Obama White House, the Hillary Clinton Campaign and every “Deep State”, slimy member of the swamp must be held accountable.

They must not be allowed to walk away.

As a Christian Psychologist and Ordained Pastor I’m all for forgiving and loving your neighbor but nothing Biblical or otherwise says we should forget what these “Godless” pagan democrats have done and continue to do to our great country. They prefer to protect sea turtles rather than allow a human baby to be born while allowing far left Islamist fundamentalist and liberal extremist to slowly but surely take over our United States Congress.

Of even greater significance is allowing numb minded children legislators such as 29 year old Alexandria Ocasio Cortez which won her election to congress with only 16,000 votes (and that’s not by 16,000 votes but with only 16,000 votes) while pushing her socialistic “Green” agenda.

What these very evil people did was absolutely nothing less than an attempted coup d’état against a sitting president who has done more for the United States in the past two years without taking one penny of a salary than all the presidents combined since Lincoln.

It’s now time that we continue our push and help the president to drain the swamp. We must pray and send tweets and emails of encouragement and support our president. But we must also put on our waders and jump into the swamp with massive involvement ln assuring that this great president is re-elected.

We must wear our #MAGA and #Trump 2020 hats and T-shirts with pride and without fear.

It is time the adults of the United States of America take back our country from the irresponsible left and voice our support for our President with all our heart.

As President Trump prepares to declassify the FISA information there is little doubt that the deep state swamp will begin jumping the proverbial ship and heading for safer ground. Let’s pray they find nowhere to hide.

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