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Spiritualism; not racism is the problem

I am 69 years old; yes an old white man (at least partially*) and I like to think I am open minded and open hearted.

I grew up singing that quaint but true little song every week in my Sunday School class (in Miami, Florida) “Red and yellow, black, brown and white they are all precious in His sight; Jesus loves the children of the world”.

I not only believed it, I lived it; I had both a great grandfather and great grandmother which were full blooded *Cherokee making me one eighth Native American. I also lived in one of the most diverse, multi-cultural and multi-racial areas of the United States. My church, Junior and Senior High schools were all multi-racial and people in our community thought nothing of it.

My best friend (which just happened to be black) was the son of my Dad’s best friend (which just happened to be black). I loved Miami, it was great…until 1969; the year I graduated when “The “Weather Underground” a radical Communist anti American group made up of young people from all walks of life took over our school, held one of our young English teachers hostage and ultimately raped and killed her. To say the least it was horrible. SWAT and the National Guard were called in; helicopter were landing everywhere on our football practice field, smoke bombs and tear gas were used and hundreds of people were arrested but Miami Central High School never had another protest or riot again.

Years later the riots of Liberty City and Brownsville areas of Miami would erupt but short lived.

The problem today however; is God is being left out of the cultural and racial equation resulting in a void that people are trying to fill. Unfortunately, many people are attempting to fill that void in the form of the current riots and protest.

It’s time for this to STOP.

I call on President Trump to declare an insurrection and call out the troops.

We don’t have to use bullets.

We can use water cannons and rubber bullets as well as capture nets.

Before it’s too late, let’s end this mess now.

The president cannot afford to play nice any longer.

Jesus said, "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” (Mtt. 10:34) Sometimes a sword is necessary to bring peace.

It is sickening to see our Police officers and National Guard kneeling to these disrespectful, out of control thugs. Most of these protestors are either “foreign actors” or American Temp companies which have hired out of work youth and young adults.

PLEASE Mr. President, put a STOP to this disaster NOW. We are all with you.

The problem is NOT Racism but rather a complete lack of Spirituality.

Mr. President, it is time to use the sword. Put the “fear of God” in these “Godless leftist liberal People”.

© 2020 The Outlaw Observer and Opinion

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